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(Written by his wife, Ena de Miranda Uchôa)

Alfredo Moacyr de M. Uchoa was the second son of Idalina and Alfredo. Born in n April 21, 1906, in a sugar mill plantation, Engenho Bititinga, in the small town of Murici, in the northeast state of Alagoas, Brazil. He was the couple's second child, but the eldest son died, and he later had two more brothers: Darcy and Maria de Lourdes. All his primary and secondary education studies were carried out in Maceió. 

Idalina and Alfredo. Click on the photo above to download a file with the ancestry of Alfredo M. Uchoa 

At the age of 16, he went to Rio de Janeiro, where he joined the Escola Militar do Realengo, becoming involved, a few months later, in the Revolutionary Movement of 1922, when he was arrested and sent, with other colleagues, to the garrison of ITU, São Paulo, where he remained to await trial. His trial verdict relieved him from his military duties in the Army. He was pardoned in the 1930s and returned to the Army with a higher rank.

He studied without the assistance of any teachers to prepare for the entrance exam to the  Engineering University in Rio de Janeiro (Escola Politécnica), approved and from which he graduated in 1928.

Alfredo Moacyr de M. Uchoa

As a geographer and civil engineer, he went to work in Vitória, the capital of the State of Espirito Santo, at the Capital Improvement Commission and, later, at the Secretariat of Traffic and Public Works.


In 1930, in Vitoria, he met ENA. With the victory of the Revolution, he was amnestied and returned to the Army. That same year, he became engaged to ENA. Transferred to Rio de Janeiro, he attended, as a 1st lieutenant, the Provisional Military School. 

Alfredo Moacyr de M. Uchoa graduated engineer

Marriage to Ena (1933)

In 1932, he took part in the Constitutionalist Revolution of São Paulo, alongside the Government. In 1933 he got married and stayed in Rio for a year, being transferred to Pernambuco, going to serve in the interior of the state, in the city of Barreiros, working on the construction of a remount.


Then the couple went to live in a house on top of a hill, which had been a hospital fifteen years earlier. The house was large, with rooms separated by half-height walls, empty tile, and cement floors. It was completely isolated from the residences of the other officers. There was running water for the use of the house, but to drink it was bought at the door, brought by a waterman, on the back of a donkey.  So that the house would not fall, Moacyr supported several walls. ENA kept liters of alcohol with dead scorpions inside the house, where she also once killed two crab spiders and a snake.

ENA made the furniture in the house with boards and crates, covered in chiton, having a very pleasant appearance. Many people requested to have this furniture when the people when the couple moved out. ENA made a vegetable garden, which at that time was rare in the region.     

It was Christmas time, when, in the Northeast, REISADOS (Party of the Kings) were organized, groups formed by children dressed up and singing folk songs. Forewarned, by the washerwoman, that a group of reisado would go to her house, ENA prepared sweets and refreshments for the group, who arrived singing and clapping, singing the following verse:

I come to the remount

in the back of my battle horse

to pay respect to the lady

of our Captain

These events were dear in the memory of the family. ENA would sing these little verses to her grandchildren.

After nine months in Barreiros, MOACYR was promoted to Captain and the couple moved to RECIFE, where MOACYR went to command the 6th Company of Land Preparers (6th CPT) – installed in the Forte das 5 Pontas Museum today. - whose main activity was to build airstrips for the National Air Mail, throughout the northeast. At that time, military aviation was linked to the Army. There was no Air Force at that time.


In 1935, still in command of this Company, MOACYR participated, on the side of the Government, against the Communist Revolution. Soon after, the couple returned to Rio de Janeiro, going to live with their in-laws in the nearby town across Guanabara Bay, Niterói, where their children Luiz Carlos Krish, Anna Maria Christina and Paulo Roberto Yog were born.

Alfredo Moacyr Moacyr - No forte das 5 Pontas em 1987.JPG

Click on the photo above to open the work on the Forte das 5 Pontas, regarding the Communist Intentona, published by his son Paulo Roberto Y. de M. Uchôa in the Cultural Foundation of the Army - Revista Da Cultura Year XII - Nr 22 - Dec 2013

The message was written by then Captain Alfredo Moacyr Uchôa and answered, on the same paper, by the Secretary of Security of Pernambuco, the Captain, and his friend, Malvino Reis, about the Communist Intentona Revolution. The document was donated to the museum of the 14th Battalion Infantry, Recife/PE, by his son Paulo Roberto Yog, then General Commander of the 7th RM-DE.

In Rio, MOACYR served in the Coast Artillery Inspectorate, working at the Santa Cruz Fortress and Imbuí Fort, where he built the semi-buried, bomb-proof armory and designed the installations and base of heavy cannons - Armstrong (from the Navy), in the Coimbra Fort.


In 1938, MOACYR entered the military teaching profession, as a professor of Rational Mechanics and Vector Calculus at the Military School (Escola Militar do Realengo).

Promoted to Major and later to Lieutenant Colonel, when he accompanied the School in its transfer to RESENDE, changing the name of the School to Military Academy of the Black Peaks (ACADEMIA MILITAR DAS AGULHAS NEGRAS - AMAN).

Alfredo Moacyr de M. Uchoa, with his wife Ena in Resende

Alfredo Moacyr de M. Uchoa, with his wife Ena  and their son Paulo Roberto (the couple's third child) in Resende

Promoted to Colonel, he assumed the chair of Rational Mechanics. For 8 years, MOACYR were several hats, accumulating with his teaching duties, the position of trust of General Commander, of Sub-Director of Elementary Education, having under his responsibility the guidance and coordination of all teachers, as well as all the subjects of fundamental education of the Military Academy. Still, in Resende, he was invited and accepted to be an English teacher at Colégio Dom Bosco, where his children studied.


In 1949, he headed the AMAN Teachers Delegation on a study visit and analysis of the educational system at the Military Academy at West Point, USA.

el - 112_grupo de oficiais professores.jpg

AMAN Teachers Group (General Alfredo Moacyr Uchoa in the front row, in the center)

In 1951, in Resende, their youngest daughter, ANGELA MARIA CRISTINA, was born.


In 1957, by appointment of the Minister of War, General TEIXEIRA LOTT, MOACYR founded the Military School of Salvador (COLÉGIO MILITAR DE SALVADOR) being its first Commander.

After two years of command, he went to attend the War College (Escola Superior de Guerra - ESG), in Rio de Janeiro, during which course he had the opportunity to return to the USA in 1960.

In 1963, per his request, he retired, in the rank of General.

Alfredo Moacyr de M.Uchoa and Ena's children. The eldest (Navy officer) Luiz Carlos Krish (on his right side), Paulo Roberto Yog (on his left side), Angela Maria Cristina (girl), and Anna Maria Christina (seated in front of Luiz Carlos).

At the Military Academy AMAN and in all the garrisons where he served, he made a large number of friends. His students, who later on became officers, always had admiration and respect for him, as did his commanders and subordinates.


During his military life, he was always praised for his professional performance, particularly when he left the command of the Military College of Salvador when he was praised, in a Special Ordinance, by the Minister of War, General Henrique D. Teixeira Lott.

Throughout his military life, he was awarded the following medals: 30 years of service; of Military Merit, in the rank of Officer; Marshal Trompowiski, from the Military Magisterium.

General Alfredo Moacyr Uchoa in the command of the Military College of Salvador

After moving to the reserve, in 1964, he was Advisor to the Presidency of the National Supply Superintendence – SUNAB; Head of the Costs Department of the Brazilian Storage Company - CIBRAZEM and Engineering Director of Caixa de Peculio dos Militares - CAPEMI.


In 1968, he went to Brasilia, working as an engineer in the administration of the Cidade Satélite do Gama, then as an engineer in the supervision of works at Caixa Econômica Federal, from where he left to work as an Advisor for the Department of University Affairs of the Ministry of Education, at the invitation of his friend and former student, Minister JARBAS PASSARINHO.

He was one of the founders of the UNIÃO PIONEIRA DE INTEGRAÇÃO SOCIAL - UPIS, a higher education institution (presently a university with more than 20,000 students). He was also the President-Director and Director of two colleges since the beginning.

General Alfredo Moacyr de M. Uchoa and Brazil's Presidente General Figueiredo inaugurates the UPIS campus 

General Alfredo Moacyr de M. Uchoa lays the cornerstone of UPIS.

General Alfredo Moacyr de M. Uchoa, founder and Rector of UPIS

In Brasilia, he founded the ASSOCIAÇÃO UNIVERSAL MORYA, for the dissemination of THEOSOPHY.



(completed by the son Paulo Roberto Y. de M. Uchôa)

Moacyr's life is very well documented and summarized in the book he himself wrote and published: A SEARCH FOR THE TRUTH - his autobiography.


A man of extraordinary dedication to the research of the supernormal as well as to the work with transcendental cures, he became well-known by the people and institutions connected with this type of research.


In the family environment, he was always affectionately loved by everyone, who elected Moacyr as their "Guru" and learned from him a wealth of knowledge related to things of the spirit. He was also sought after for guidance in these matters by countless people who were close to him.


His daughter Angela wrote a song that very accurately summarizes many of her father's qualities and temperament:


"My daddy is cute, my daddy is sweet.

He is light, loving, and affectionate, he is really charming.

Early in the morning, very early in the morning, he leaves for work

And at home, after lunch, he cannot even rest.

And at night, he strolls around UPIS and in a thousand activities,

He is so active, he doesn't care or act his age;

My daddy is cute, my daddy is sweet.

He is light, loving, and affectionate, he is really charming.

With the waters and with the stones he speaks with fervor.

Fittipaldi is his inspiration, he is a terror is on the roads.

Understands everything of everyone, understands everything whatever,

He even made friends with that Flying Saucer..."

Moacyr and Ena celebrated, on January 12, 1983, their Gold Anniversary, 50 years of marriage, in a beautiful ceremony at the Army Club (Clube Militar) in Brasilia.

Enita and Moacyr waltzing

Enita and Moacyr

Enita and Moacyr and grandchildren. (from left to right, Liane, Denise, Flavia (with Ana Luiza on her lap), Moacyr, Enita, Marcelo, Claudia, Sylvanna, Paulo Sylvio and Andre Luiz)

Here is a short description of Moacyr, contained in the text prepared and read by his son Paulo Roberto during the blessing in the anniversary ceremony:

"The man, Alfredo Moacyr de Mendonça Uchôa, today has a clear and precise idea of the direction of Evolution and has dedicated his life to cooperating with it, helping and guiding his brothers on the journey. The Members of the Great Hierarchy, in whose hands is the Evolution of the World, seek men like him, predisposed for the mission, guiding them in what they lack in order to be able to help them in the Great Work."

For his 80th birthday (21 Apr 86), his son Paulo Roberto presented him with an audiovisual about his life. His son name the narrated presentation THE EIGHTY PETALS OF A ETERNAL ROSE. It is 50 minutes long and consists of 240 slides that reproduce all sorts of photographs that were very hard for him to obtain and related to Moacyr's entire life. The presentation was projected on a large screen, consisting of a summary of the 3 main segments of Moacyr's intense life: the professional, the family, and the spiritual. The presentation ends like this:

"May we, one day, like you, Moacyr, be able to dive inside ourselves, until we feel the spirit, coming from the density of the rocks, the cobblestones of the streets, or the dust of the roads and ocean sands, inside of life, even the Soul of the Suns, of the Stars, of the Galaxies...";

"Once upon a time, a rose was born eternal when the divine monad fertilized its seed. On its way to ascension, it bloomed in countless flower beds, receiving, in each one, a name and a mission...";

"On the 21st of April of the earthly year 1906, the Wheel of Sansara replaced the rose in the world of men and baptized her MOACYR. One night, her garden brothers celebrated her EIGHTY PETALS, perfumed with the pure essence of Divine Love. that you have already held in your heart...";

Today, Rose MOACYR knows what her destiny is. In the deepest part of her being, an unrestrained joy reveals the certainty of the inexorable FUSION WITH THE GREATER LIGHT... When the moment comes, the ROSE, fully blooming, will rid itself of the thousands and thousands of petals that adorn its corolla, to feel, in cosmic vibration, that I AND THE FATHER will be ONE  !!!..."


(You can watch this presentation on Youtube, click the link below):


At the end of the '80s, Moacyr's back problems got worse, until, he suffered his first stroke in February 1991, he stayed in his bed permanently until his passing going to the atonement phase of his passing on March 5, 1996. Until then he had a beautiful, productive, and fulfilled life under his beloved Masters Jesus, Morya, and Philippe de Lyon.

The poem below is followed by a comment that clearly demonstrates the height of Moacyr's spirit. He wrote this while suffering under the weight of his KARMA which, for some, constituted the last ordeal for him that, surely, you will no longer need to return to that physical, dense, and suffering world, as your evolution will continue on higher planes and levels.


I always sought the truth

And on the paths, I've gone through,

I stumbled upon difficulties

But always, always I searched!

Therefore, at the end of this earthly journey,

After so many adventures, but also suffering and pain,

I can say: Only this Search brings, to the spirit, the full realization

And allows us the smooth transition

For the plans of Light, Eternal Life, and Love.


Brasilia, July 6, 1995


About the poem above:

Ena de Miranda Uchôa died, in Brasília, on March 15, 1995.  Almost 4 months later, her daughter Anna Maria had to go to her parents; farm, in Alexânia - in the State of Goias to solve a problem with the caretaker. She traveled in the car with the driver that was her mother.'s On the trip, in the back seat of the car, she begins to remember, with great nostalgia, how many times she had made that journey, in that same situation, sitting next to her mother in that same backseat. Gradually, he began to feel the sensation of Ena's presence, which intensified and became very strong. She felt a great desire to write. It must be her mother trying to communicate, she thought. She opened her purse, took out a notebook, picked up her pen, and gave in to the impulse. Anna Maria had never psychographed anything. It was the first time, and she was happy because she felt (and wanted it to be) that it was her mother. After the short message, when reading it, she was taken by surprise: by the style of the handwriting, the theme, the words, the meaning, the poetry, by the mystical-philosophical tonic, there was no doubt: that message was NOT from ENA. That beautiful, inspired, and a matter-of-fact message was A MESSAGE FROM HER FATHER, Alfredo Moacyr de Mendonça Uchôa, who was still living and suffering for many years, in his bed, with much pain. At that time, already practically unconscious of our material world.

Everything happened as if Moacyr, determined to convey that message, but still bound by the shackles of the flesh and, therefore, perhaps unable to act decisively on his daughter Anna Maria, HAD THE HELP OF HIS BELOVED ENITA who, on that occasion, worked as a true bridge between Moacyr and Anna Maria. It should be noted that even supposing it was a hallucination, autosuggestion, or whatever name you want to give it, the message would NECESSARILY be from Ena, as was the ardent desire of Anna Maria. Her mind never crossed the possibility of her father disposing of that Power which, after all, he unequivocally demonstrated that he possessed.


Alfredo Moacyr died at 5:45 am on March 5, 1996, at the Hospital das Forças Armadas (HFA), in Brasília. His body, could not be veiled in the HFA chapel, already committed to veiling another deceased person. His son, Paulo Roberto, then General Commander of the 11th Military Region, arranged for the wake to be held at the well-known Oratory of the Soldier, an ecumenical temple of the Army, in Brasília. A number of friends and former students of Moacyr attended the occasion. Everything seemed to fit in with the ecumenical philosophy always defended by Moacyr. The Colonel, Military Catholic Chaplain, Lt. Col. Pastor Evangelical, and the President of the Regional of the Crusade of the Spiritist Military, all offered to offer the farewell prayer of the body.  Accepted by the family, the son Paulo Roberto, at the opportune moment, addressed those present to whom he informed the reason for the prayers, in various religions. And said the following:

"Alfredo Moacyr was a man who called himself deeply religious, without having a defined religion. Praying, praying, was always an activity of great pleasure. uplifted the heart; going to God in a spiritist meeting was deeply gratifying to him; meditating in a Buddhist temple led him to something like Samadhi, and so on...";

Having made these statements, the ministers of each religion present said their prayers, at the end of which the son Paulo Roberto read a letter that Denise, his daughter, and granddaughter of Alfredo Moacyr, had written for the moment of the denouement, in the certainty of that Denise's inspiration synthesized what everyone, relatives and friends, wanted to say at that moment:



The Earth already senses your absence.

The green of the trees reflects the void.

A cold breath permeates nature.

Everything is silent, solemnly.

We will miss you infinitely.

Beloved Father, leave us orphans.

You gave us so much hope!

The hope of successive lives,

of the justice of Karma... reincarnation...

You taught us to study the mysteries,

Theosophy, divine truths...

He enchanted us with the angels, the Devas,

the purity of ascended beings.

Your words filled hearts,

audiences, homes, and hospitals.

you healed.

Your cures remain as proof

of your faith in Christ, in the Masters.

To be of endless kindness...

Inner wisdom, love, Divine Love.

(Your qualities multiply

to the enumeration attempt)

You leave us orphans!

Grandfather, most sublime spheres

await you - as a Saint.

You will be welcome!

The heavens will rejoice at your arrival...

You've been ready for the Great Journey for a long time...

Your Beloved Masters will welcome you at the Portal, the faithful disciple that you are!


You have accomplished each stage of your pioneering mission,

revealing, unique and beautiful.

Your life was a path of love,

Search and achievements.

You loved your neighbor as yourself.

You loved God above all things...


the strength of your prayers

transcended the stars

and reached beings from other worlds.

Who also heard you.

Today. everyone suffers from your inexorable departure...

Follow your Masters, dear!

go your way

illuminated by the splendor of your soul!

Hear the songs that invite you...

Your children will love you forever.

Your work will survive the times...

We will miss you

until you come to get us, one day...

Go with God, my grandfather!

And save the day of our reunion,

on earth or in the heavens.

We will find you.

Just follow the light...


your granddaughter,


Next, daughter Anna Maria said the beautiful poem she had "psychographed" which, in this biographical summary, was reproduced under the title of "SEARCH." Finally, his eldest son Luiz Carlos led the last prayer.

The son Paulo Roberto, on behalf of the family, prepared and distributed to friends and relatives a small card, full of meaning for his father, with the portrait of his father's Masters Jesus, Morya, and Philippe de Lyon, which also included:

May we, one day,

like you, Moacyr, to be able to

"... to dive into ourselves,

until you feel the Spirit, coming from the density of the rocks,

from the cobblestone of the streets or the dust of the roads

and ocean sands, inside life,

to the Soul of the Suns,

of Stars and Galaxies..."

On March 21, 1996, the Legislative Chamber of the Federal District, through its president, forwarded Motion Number 1301/96 to the family, from which the last two paragraphs are extracted:


"We regret losses like this of people who mean so much to our country and leave a huge gap for society."


"It is for this reason that the Members of this House send their solidarity to the family of our late General Alfredo Moacyr de Mendonça Uchôa"


Consequently, on behalf of the family, he thanked his son, Paulo Roberto, through the following correspondence:

To the Honorable Deputy GERALDO MAGELA

MD President of the Legislative Chamber of the Federal District


Mr. President


I come, through this, as the son and on behalf of the family of General Alfredo Moacyr de Mendonça Uchôa, who died on March 5, 1996, to thank you for the solidarity and sorrow shown through Motion Nr 1301/96.


I make Your Excellency know of the feeling of satisfaction that invaded our hearts upon receiving such an honorable communication, where it is verified that our late father had recognized his work as an educator, researcher, and man of advanced science, developed over the last thirty years of his life, in the atmosphere of this city, which he loved so much. For him,  Brasilia's magic can be summed up in its responsibility towards its own future, which he foresaw bright and promising in the concert of Nations. How many times have we heard him say that; here is the cradle and will be the pole of irradiation of the so-called New Great Race - according to Theosophical terminology - that will lead terrestrial humanity along the broad paths of the next millennia!


I take this opportunity to express, to Your Excellency and to all the noble Members of this House, our deepest recognition, respect, and admiration.



Commander of the 11th Military Region Brasília, May 9, 1996

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