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Spiritualism and Theosophy

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General Alfredo Moacyr de M. Uchoa giving a lecture

Transcendental Healings

First paranormal cure using himself as an intermediary


"During the course of the Polytechnic School in Rio de Janeiro, Uchôa lived in a boarding house. One morning, he woke up to the piercing screams of a man coming from a nearby room. He realized that they were screams of suffering and he felt an uncontrollable desire to relieve that person's pain. He had just turned 18. He went to the patient's room and intuitively placed his hands on the man's head, who immediately fell into a deep sleep. Later, the patient was taken to a hospital, where he died of cerebrospinal meningitis. Doctors could not find a logical explanation for the man falling asleep at the height of a crisis like the one that was consuming him. The deepening of my search for the truth begins.

And it was then that he began to read and study, eagerly, authors that could shed some light on the field of paranormality, especially those of Metapsychics and Metaphysics. Below, we cite some of them: Leon Denis, Ernesto Bozzano, Camille Flammarion, Paul Gibier, Alexandre Aksakof, Allan Kardec, Williams Crookes, Alexis Carrel, Charles Richet, César Lombroso, Charles W. Leadbeater, Annie Besant, Helena Blavatsky, and Krishnamurti, among others.


After graduating in Engineering and, with the Revolution of 1930, returning to his military career, his professional life was very intense, but he never stopped reading, studying, and deepening his knowledge in the area of the paranormal, as well as dedicating himself, increasingly to work in the field of transcendental healing." (Uchôa, Beyond Parapsychology, p.16)

Master Philippe de Lyon

At the end of 1950, Swami Sevananda and his wife, Mestra Sadhana, arrived in Resende, in the State of Rio de Janeiro, to stay, in a trailer and a jeep, after a long pilgrimage around the world. Very mystical, they sought out Colonel Alfredo Moacyr M. Uchôa, who lived in military housing (Vila Militar) at the Military Academy of the Black Needles, with whom they became close friends. Uchôa helped them to set up the “AMO-PAX Monastery,” consisting of a Sarva Yoga “Ashram” and an Essene Monastery, sharing the same space. It was at this time that Alfredo Moacyr M Uchôa became aware, for the first time, of Master Philippe de Lyon, through Swami Sevananda and his book “Yo Que Caminé Por El Mundo.” Later, as he writes in his “A Search for Truth” (chapter IX), Uchôa says that Master Philippe was decisive in saving, and "healing" his father, who had been in a terminal coma for almost a week. From then on, in her transcendental healing works, Uchôa was in tune with Master Philippe...

After the case mentioned above in Resende, master Philippe de Lyon performed numerous cures through General Alfredo M. Uchôa throughout his life, many described in his books. See here what the General wrote about his father's cure and the interference of Master Philippe de Lyon:

"It was in August 1954 that one of the most extraordinary (if not the most extraordinary) phenomena of my life occurred to me: a personal, objective, impressive and proven event of the contact, presence, and action of Master Philippe de Lyon, at that moment, he saved the life of my father, who had been in a terminal coma for almost a week." (Uchôa, Search for Truth - autobiography, p. 172)

Scientific Spiritism

Studies of Paranormal Phenomena - Materialization Sessions

The materialization sessions aimed at research in the field of scientific spiritism; began with the "incredible" sessions said by Atanásio, at 180 Vicente Celestino Street, in Niterói, the residence of the Rocha family, whose head was the owner of Ponciano Pharmacy. Nelson Rocha, my great friend since then, really had extraordinary faculties, promoting such sessions with his simple presence, held in obscurity, keeping, however, phosphorescent objects, controlling the position of those present. the unpredictable, the paranormal revealing itself: partial or complete materializations and the transport of flowers, a true rain of petals that happened from the first contact I had with those sessions that we called “Nelson’s,” of which, shortly afterward, I started to be an advisor and to preside over them in different circumstances and different places... The horizon of transcendental certainties expanded more and more in the small room of the Rocha family's residence. And so, too, the decision of a progressive and permanent “Search for Truth” grew! In this case, the evidence of Charles Richet's metapsychic is demonstrated there." (Uchôa, Search for Truth - autobiography, p. 146-147)

Materialization Sessions  - Medium Nelson Rocha

(excerpt from the Book of General Alfredo M. Uchôa, Beyond Parapsychology - 5th and 6th Dimensions of Reality - Chapter IV - On Materialization)

"At the time when there were experiments in my house, in Resende, a friend – a full-time professor at the Military Academy and a psychiatrist, professor Dr. Eurico Sampaio, once said to me: “Uchôa, I heard that there are materialization sessions in your house. I've always assumed all this to be mystification! I can't admit that you're dealing with mystifications!... Is such a phenomenon even possible?" - I replied: "It happens that, today, there will be. The dear friend is invited".

The medium, Nelson Rocha was handcuffed and tied up in my office, which everyone verified. Right after the beginning of the seance, once the darkness set in a figure in bridal clothes is immediately shown, extraordinarily illuminated. It advances through the room, producing successive flashes, with that indefinable light I mentioned before. Other phenomena followed, to such an extent that I heard from this dear friend, a notoriously cultured man, the next day:

– On me, the impact of what I saw was too strong. I had trouble falling asleep! There is no doubt that it took me to reach the age of 52 (I remember well, that was in 1946), to see how ignorant I am! In the same environment, that is, in Resende, at the Military Academy, another dear friend (today deceased), doctor Frederico Eisenlhor, then director of the School Hospital, also once said to me:  

“Colonel, I heard about materialization meetings at your house. I have read and studied these subjects, but I think materialization is impossible. The only explanation seems to be that of collective hypnosis. Without feeling it, the assistants are hypnotized!..." Is that so? – I replied, inviting him to personally verify the reality of his hypothesis.

He accepted the invitation and attended, on the occasion the next session that I held. Very attentive and terrified, he (and everyone else for that matter) see from my office, where my friend Nelson Rocha was handcuffed and tied up in his pajamas, under a reasonably bright red light, a figure covered in a wide veil emerge from the sporting a heavy white silk dress, with about 2 to 3 meters of train!... Everyone (would it be hypnosis?...) comments with one another on the impressive objectivity of the phenomenon. I say to you then:
- My dear doctor. Are you hypnotized?
Answer me:
- But this is extraordinary!...
That character surprises us in the conversation; approaches him, lifts the veil, and kisses his forehead expressively!...

The emotional trauma is similar to that described in the first case. The same difficulty in getting to sleep and the same confession the next day:
- Dear friend! What I saw yesterday gave me so much to think about that I couldn't sleep. And I still wonder how this is possible. To which I replied:
– My dear doctor! It seems that, for now, there will hardly be an answer! Check,
patiently examine the facts and issue this or that hypothesis; behold
everything I think can be done for now!...

... In fact, there is no denying this really impressive side of these phenomena, as well, as high interest for those who feel impelled to research the “mysteries” of being, about the incognito that still hides at the bottom of the human personality and also shelters in the intimacy of the physical world in which we live, not yet fully revealed. This is indisputably true, despite the extraordinary scientific progress, from nuclear physics through the astonishing achievements of biology, to the psychodynamics of modern psychological conceptions..."

These two cases, above, of the control of the medium, happened at the beginning of the materialization sessions in the research related to Scientific Spiritism. Later, still living in Resende/RJ, Alfredo M. Uchôa held two sessions a month with the medium Nelson Rocha, coming from Niterói. To watch them, he invited about 12 to 15 friends.  At that time, padlocks were no longer used to ensure that the medium did not get up, for whatever reason.

Once, his son Paulo Roberto Yog was present and narrated the following fact in his autobiography, when he deals with “the New Dimensions of Reality” (Part V – Chapter VII. p. 208):

"Now, I will cite a case that I consider as a collective proof of other dimensions of reality. On one occasion, at the end of the materialization session, in Resende/RJ, some of the people present said to my father that they would like, in the next session, the medium tied to the chair, to make sure that he, unconsciously, could interfere in the phenomena. It was decided that, at the next meeting, whoever wanted to could bring his lock and chain. The medium acquiesced - since the meeting it was research - and so it was done. The day arrived. About four people brought chains and padlocks, of the most diverse brands: Pado, Papaiz, etc. We provided an armchair and, there, the medium who had the wrists and feet chained and secured with padlocks. A chain was also passed around the waist, which, after tying the back of the chair, was secured with a padlock. Everything was ready, checked... and I turned off the light. Dark as pitch. Moments later, the snoring of the medium made himself heard, because he had entered a cataleptic state. Immediately after, we all heard several “tacks,” followed by the medium's voice, already in a trance. “Friends, we ask you to turn on the light and close the padlocks.  You left them open!”.  Then I turned on the light and the staff, perplexed, verified that all the padlocks were open... and the medium was still in a trance. 

Then each one closed his own again, and again the light was turned off. A few more seconds, the same “tacks” were heard, followed by the medium's voice: “Friends, your padlocks are still open.  This shows that, if we want to physically use the medium, to produce the phenomena we have prepared for you, we will do it, with or without locks! Turn on the light, and the decision is yours!”.

The light was turned on and all the owners of locks and chains removed them, absolutely convinced that they did not serve the purpose they intended. The perplexity was general and the trust in the medium and in the phenomena produced by the “entities”, reached a maximum degree. The consequence was one of the most fruitful materialization sessions, with a view to the safety and confidence of the assistants. Never again did anyone suggest greater control of the medium..."

Materialization Sessions  - Medium Yolanda

Alfredo Moacyr de M. Uchoa medium Yolanda

"Yolanda would be a somewhat different medium, working only with phosphorescent light, but in such a profusion that the environment was happy, illuminated by a different light that came from the luminous discs nailed to the blouse of each of the assistants, marking their position. In addition, castanets and flowers, also phosphorescent, were in the middle of the room! The very well-controlled medium, tied her hands and feet to the chair in which she sat, which was connected to fixed points on the wall or at the entrance door of the apartment, using padlocks, seals, and supervised seals. The phenomena appeared, with the entities showing themselves, in the form of phosphorescent light. The entities asserted themselves in conversations, songs, and dances. Remarkable and unforgettable, in these circumstances, was the entity that was said to be called Dolores, which she happily danced and tapped during the sessions, using the castanets available!" (Uchôa, Search for Truth - autobiography, p. 158)

Scientific Spiritism Faced with the Higher Dimensions of Reality

In 1976, General Alfredo M. Uchôa presented his thesis on Scientific Spiritism in the Face of Higher Dimensions of Reality at the First Congress of Spiritist Journalists and Writers in Brasilia. Read below the original document written by him:


Alfredo Moacyr M. Uchôa had a profound knowledge of the Old and New Testaments, as well as the work of famous authors in the field of theosophy, among them Helena Petrovna Blavatsky, Annie Besant, Alice Baley, and Charles .W. Leadbeater.

Moacyr Uchôa wrote in his Autobiography - A Search for Truth - Chapter X:

“In a lecture entitled “What is Theosophy,” opening the “Week,” I would give, in terms of “Infinites” that intertwine and, paradoxically, succeed each other, according to the teachings of the Ascended Masters of Shambala (Tibet).

In fact, since my academic days, when I was 20 years old (about 1926), I had joined such an international movement initiated by Helena Blavatsky and guided by her Great Disciples: Dr. Annie Besant, the Anglican Bishop William Leadbeater, and Mr. Jinarajadasa. The teaching received easily penetrated my spirit and filled my soul with boundless inner joys, nourishing me with vivid hopes that, after all, I had found the TRUE MESSAGE I needed. There, he found Science without prejudice, broad Philosophy, and Religion without dogmas intrinsically united in a deep communion of aspirations and teachings safely harmonized, aiming at the true essence of the Christic Word of the Gospel of the Divine Master, Jesus, THE CHRIST!... Dei tells me, however, that the Theosophical Society did not offer me guidance in esoteric practices, that is, on how to proceed to effectively seek an internal spiritual development, adequate to the intense desire of the candidate to be a disciple, which aims at the condition of preparation, on which is written: "When the disciple is ready, the Master appears."

There was the Esoteric Circle of the Communion of Thought, based in São Paulo, publishing considerable books in this area. I then read the works of Yogi Ramacháraka, and William Walker Atkinson, among others by good authors. I remember that, at that time, I was very impressed by reading Wander Naillen's books—In the Temples of the Himalayas, In the Sanctuary, Balthasar the Mago, and The Strenuous Spiritual Life. These magnificent works, those of Ramacháraka particularly the Advanced Course in Yogi Philosophy) and the Power of Mind and The Secret Doctrine of the Rosicrucians by Magnus Incognitus, a book of high theosophical transcendence, all very seriously, in the spirit of the “Search for Truth” that had led from a very young age to Theosophy. They inspired me to complement Theosophy itself on the practical side, in a sense, which I had not found or noticed in the Theosophical books and the teachings of the Loja Perseverança of the Theosophical Society in Rio, to which I belonged. I chose, then, to start, in Resende, at Pitágoras School of the Rosicrucian Order “Fraternitas Rosae Crucis,” with world headquarters in Beverly Hills, in the State of Pennsylvania in the United States. The Grand Master of the Order, Dr. Swimburne Clymer, I came to know at the end of 1949 at headquarters, when I traveled to the USA on a mission of study and pedagogical research at the magnificent Military Academy at West Point.

Theosophy has always stimulated, by indicating ever clearer ways to live and understand the world! I start thinking about the region, in the esoteric and transcendental terms that Theosophy offered me, concerning the future cradle of the 6th Great Race, which will succeed the Aryan Race, the current race, to which we belong. [note of the translator, "Aryan" in this context does NOT refer to skin color, but to Aries, the constellation]. We know today that the 6th Sub-Race of this 5th Race, the Aryan Race, is being formed, starting to develop in the Californian zone of the United States and that the 6th Great Race will emerge from it, which will begin in South America and, then it will develop in a few thousand years.

However, I will leave this here, with a few brief comments, the most remarkable observations and experiences that certainly contributed to creating in my psychological-scientific underground, a set of concepts very well in tune with the studies of Theosophy, the Message of the Exalted Masters of the Great White Brotherhood [note of the translator, "White in this context does NOT refer to skin color, but to spiritual atonement


This is a lively hope that the message of Theosophy, which always speaks in spirit matter, is reaching the laboratories of the Universities. The Great Masters of the White Fraternity know what they are doing because men will walk on their own merits, that is, carried by their own feet...

General Alfredo M. Uchôa wrote in Christ for Today's Humanity (Chapter XVII):

”In short, as a Science, at the level of matter and super-matter, on the one hand, and as a Philosophy of Love and Life, at a high level of super spiritualism, on the other, Theosophy has the power to situate all this profound Message, in terms of the Light of the Lord Christ, attentive to the real needs of today's world!..."

General Alfredo M. Uchoa – Helena Blavatsky and Teosofia 

Click on the photo above to see the interview with General Uchôa on Theosophy. See his other YouTube interviews on Theosophy here

Historical Collection

Juliano Pozati gained visibility in the Brazilian media with his first documentary: "Data Limite according to Chico Xavier" (2014). It was then that he met General Paulo Uchôa, son of General Alfredo Moacyr Uchôa and witness to many of the paranormal and ufological phenomena researched by his father

After several interviews with Juliano and after getting to know him well, his son, on behalf of the family, gave him part of the personal documentation left by his father. And Juliano fulfilled his commitment to making everything available for public dissemination and research.

After a few months, Juliano had several exo-conscious contacts with General Alfredo Uchôa, who became his mentor, patron, and spiritual friend. Within a short time, Juliano abandoned all his projects to answer the spiritual call of Uchôa and start the Círculo, an Exoconscious Philosophical School, which helps people realize their potential, in a good way and flow, combining exoconsciousness and entrepreneurship in the context in which they are inserted. All are inspired by the General Alfredo Moacyr Uchôa collection.

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