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General Alfredo Moacyr Uchoa was a tireless researcher in several areas of parapsychology, metapsychology, and ufology in Brazil and in the world. His work transcends the boundaries and limits of conventional science, maintaining its pioneering character and beyond its time, even after the centenary of the great researcher. ​

General Alfredo M. Uchoa 

We present here on this portal a collection of references, information, and a repository of links to videos on YouTube with his lectures, conferences, and books written by this great man.

By the time General Alfredo Moacyr de Mendonça Uchôa turned 80 years old in 1986, he had spent well over half a century studying the paranormal. A few years later, on March 5, 1996, he passed away to higher spheres of existence, leaving a massive gap in the Brazilian metaphysical movement, which he essentially helped to build and whose adherents had in their figure a leader and an inspiration.

He was a geographer and civil engineer, an engineering officer in the Brazilian Army, and a vector calculus and rational mechanics professor at the former Military School of Realengo, in Rio de Janeiro (RJ). He was also a professor of rational mechanics at the Brazilian Military Academy (Academia Militar das Agulhas Negras) in Resende, RJ. Born in the state of Alagoas, from Murici, in the northeast of Brazil, he became one of the most respected figures in Parapsychology and related topics, as one of the most remarkable scholars of paranormal studies and ufologists that Brazil has ever had.

In 1972, General Uchôa founded the esoteric entity "Universal Association Morya" (Associação Universal Morya). Still, in the 1970s, he founded the Pioneer Union of Social Integration (UPIS), a university that still thrives in the Federal Capital today. Years later, he established the National Center for Ufological Studies (CENEU), which promoted, in 1979, the First International Congress of Ufology in Brasília.

​He was the author of numerous works, including seven books dedicated to Ufology and Parapsychology:

  • Beyond Parapsychology (Editora do Conhecimento, 2013)

  • Parapsychology and Flying Saucers (Editora do Conhecimento, 2013)

  • Christ for Today's Humanity (Editora do Conhecimento, 2013) Horizonte, 1980)

  • Diving into Hyperspace (Editora Horizonte, 1981)

  • Far Beyond Space and Time (Editora Thesaurus, 1983)

  • A Search for the Truth - Autobiography (1991)

  • The Transcendental - Healings and other Phenomenon (Editora Horizonte).

He was also called, the "the General of the Stars" was a man with a scientific background who always dared to assume his position considering paranormal research.

He used to say that it was extremely important to keep his feet on the ground, but on the other hand, nothing stopped him from lifting his head and gazing at the stars, which - in his conviction - was absolutely indispensable to the advancement of science.

IIV World Forum of Ufology –2012: The Legacy of A Moacyr Uchôa For Ufology, work presented by Paulo Roberto Y. de M. Uchôa, son of General Alfredo M. Uchôa.

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Talking About My Father- Paulo Uchoa - Interview with Paulo Uchôa, son of General Alfredo M. Uchôa

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