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Works in the area of paranormal healing, Theosophy, Ufology, Parapsychology, and Metapsychic:

Until recently out of print, five of his books were republished by Editora do Conhecimento and are available on the publisher's portal here:



“Let there be scientific courage, if necessary, to cross the apparent abyss, paradoxically open to the top, which paralyzes with astonishment the audacious investigator turned to the knowledge of life and sees reality expand into infinity, beyond his views accustomed to this three-dimensional world of this cosmic, universal reality? Let science, therefore, respond with the dignity that will assure it, in the future, of nobility and glory.”

Alfredo Moacyr M. Uchôa

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 “Religions do not value anything that might indicate the existence of beings superior to man, who they consider the masterpiece of creation. Suddenly, very advanced beings appear, with intelligence and power far above humanity. This is of no interest to religions or science.”


Alfredo Moacyr M. Uchôa


“With the evolution of man to higher consciential states, the universe in which he is contained will be revealed, increasingly rich in possibilities, presenting new dimensions, now lived and understood in the abstract conceptual of the inner world of the being itself.”

Alfredo Moacyr M. Uchôa

Click on the book cover above to read a summary of this book, written e  typed by General Alfredo M. Uchoa  

BEYOND PARAPSYCHOLOGY 5th and 6th Dimensions of Reality (5th Edition)

“...hyperspace is a more subtle environment, without limits of space and time, where man will have to operate when he has fully developed the qualities already demonstrated by Parapsychology.”

Alfredo Moacyr M. Uchôa

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“On this path, we will arrive at the true meaning of the Mystic Christ, it is as if, in the cosmic dust that we are, on our Earth the Power that commanded the existence of suns and galaxies shone, present. In a way, now, in the microcosm, are the Virtues of Love and Infinite Power that are in the macrocosm and that condition both. So also affirms the truth of the holy books "As above is like below...”

Alfredo Moacyr M. Uchôa

Some of Gen Uchoa's books are currently out of print, but we are providing a reprint of and, and as soon as they are available, we will let you know on this site.  

Click on the photo below to watch the video of a lecture about the books and works of General Alfredo Moacyr Uchoa made by his son, Paulo Roberto Y. de M. Uchoa

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