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Paulo Roberto Y. de M. Uchoa, son of General Alfredo Moacyr de M. Uchoa giving a lecture on her father's work


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Paulo Roberto was the most faithful follower of his father, whom he affectionately calls "my guru"  He accompanied and actively participated alongside his father in his incredible Quest for Truth throughout his father's life, and witnessed hundreds of fantastic events, "from other worlds," transcendental, spiritualistic, and paranormal since the age of five.


Later, in 1968, he invited his father to go to Brasília to research UFOs. He accompanied him in all ufological research, he was a researcher, witness, and dedicated son, protector of his father in inhospitable environments, in open field research. In recent years, Paulo Roberto has dedicated himself to revising and re-editing several of his father's books (all out of print), and thanks to his deep knowledge of his father's work, his dedication, and incessant and meticulous work, today there are five books republished by Editora do Conhecimento. 

Paulo Roberto accompanied his father to lectures, conferences, congresses, and television interviews. He often joked with his father's producers and interviewers that his father didn't charge anything for the interviews, but he did, he wanted a video copy of the interview for his files. For this reason, today we have access to all these precious videos, audio, and interview files of this pioneering and important work for humanity.

Paulo Roberto wrote about his extraordinary experiences and experiences with his father in his Autobiography, published in 2021. He dedicated a complete chapter, entitled New Dimensions of Reality, where he presents his testimony, a personal proof of other dimensions of reality. Read that full chapter in the PDF below. The subjects narrated here refer to the following themes (in that order): Collective evidence of other dimensions of reality; Regina's first experience with a materialization session; The Cosmic Blessing of our alliances; My father consults Dr. Fritz; Book “Beyond Parapsychology”; Dr. Puharish from NASA in our house (Paulo Roberto Yog de M. Uchôa, Autobiography, p. 206-247). 

Abstract written by Denise Uchoa Slater (daughter of Paulo Roberto and creator of this Portal)

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Paulo Roberto also created many works, videos, lectures, and conferences and participated in many television interviews throughout the years, including in two YouTube "lives" about his father's work. Many of these works are on his YouTube channel and available here on this portal (search the menu above for the “YouTube” page or click here o access these videos)

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