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Alfredo Moacyr de M. Uchoa signing his book Far Beyond Space and Time

Experiences and Words of General Alfredo Moaycr de M. Uchôa

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Read here, this important event narrated by him, in his Autobiography, A Search for Truth:     

"This event occurred in 1960, it was an event that certainly was of little use to the interns at the Escola Superior de Guerra - ESG (Brazilian Army War College), which was, however, of paramount importance to me, in the sense of later study and research, which came to revolutionize the view the world of science, philosophy, and spirituality itself. This event led me to an objective relationship with some other environments of culture and study of the subject in the United States and Europe. This is the problem of Flying Saucers, as UFOs were called then. We were invited, the ESG interns, to watch, at the Intelligence Agency of Brazil (ABI), a filmed documentary about UFOs, prepared and released for publicity reserved by the United States Air Force. Each intern could take his wife. So I did. A very well-made film, very objective, certainly based on data resulting from elements collected in the activities involved in the “Blue Book” project, which I would later come to know. The film, as I said, without fantasies, but with some 'suspense,' ends, after all, with something extraordinary and technically very well controlled by the recording system and 'radar'; of the Washington D.C. airport: the visit to 14 flying objects to the heights from Washington. All are officially recorded on film and audio. We watched what would have happened in the Control Tower: the emotion of the observers, and technicians who followed the progress of the surprising event over Washington! Some clearly indicative points of objects appeared on the radar and, soon after, four more points are seen there, moving in the same direction. These last points were the four jets of the American Air Force, which had taken off with the mission to search and identify the unknown points. Suddenly, those indicative points of the objects disappear and the comment of the naturally astonished observing technician appears: — It's as if the objects disappeared with infinite speed! Today, I know well that they had only made themselves invisible! Soon after, analogous objects appear again on the radar screen. This time, only two American jets appear, maintaining contact with the Control Tower. Then, the opposite happens: the objects approach the two jets and form a ring, enveloping them and getting closer and closer. This naturally promotes growing tension in the American commandos, denounced in the recording made! The ring closes more and more and suddenly everything falls apart and again the objects disappear instantly. The testimonies recorded, on film and in audio, of the pilots of the four jets, leave no doubt about what it was about. From then on, I became interested in DVs, but in the contingency of the time, I could not seriously study them and investigate them due to the very nature of the phenomenon. Apparitions that are always unexpected and fleeting, sightings very subject to fanciful descriptions, mistakes, and even conscious or unconscious mystification." (Uchôa, Uma Busca da Verdade (A Search for the Truth) - autobiography, p.206-208)

See here the original videos of the time that report the events that marked the beginning of General Alfredo M. Uchôa's interest in UFOS: 

Saucers Swarm over Capital - 1952 - The Cedar Rapids Gazette.JPG

Did Aliens Invade Washington DC In 1952? | Dark History. History Channel [Youtube]. Oct. 27, 2018.

In 1968 General Alfredo M.Uchôa moved to Brasília and was president of the Capital's Parapsychological Research Group when, at Fazenda Rio do Ouro, on the outskirts of Alexânia, in the State of Goias, he had his first contact with the UFO phenomenon. On that occasion, he received from his Master Morya the mission of observing, researching, writing books, and disseminating them. And so he did, for over a decade, organizing and conducting weekly nightly vigils where, along with lawyers, military, doctors, and other liberal professionals, he witnessed and recorded countless UFO phenomena, resulting in the many books he wrote and published on the subject.

His education and scientific spirit were always present, but he also never failed to consider the openings to the spiritual world due to his observations over decades, plus his personal experiences. He used to say that it was extremely important to keep your feet on the ground, but on the other hand, lifting your head and looking at the stars was absolutely indispensable. 

For the analysis and understanding of many of the ufological phenomena, his experience with the materialization sessions was quite valuable to him, since, several times, he witnessed, in the open field, phenomena similar to those he had researched in a closed environment, valuing the high technology practiced by the visiting beings, similarly to those who manifested themselves in their sessions... and who were not necessarily extraterrestrials (see in the book beyond Parapsychology).

General A. Moacyr Uchôa's position on Ufology, according to the understanding he left us, is that he considered UFOLOGY not as an end in itself, but as a valuable instrument that contributes to opening the horizons of humanity, allowing him to follow his glorious destiny towards the universes, revealed or not, in harmony with his galactic and extragalactic brethren.

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The Alexânia Case - UFO Research in the outskirts of Brasília

"For some time now, we have been taking part in systematic observations of luminous phenomena and others that occur on a certain farm, located in the municipality of Alexânia, Goiás, which, in the circumstances in which they are processed, have an eminently unusual character. an intelligence that directs them and an ability to execute, which gives them a lot to think about. The city of Alexânia, close to which we researched, is only 90 km from the center of Brasília." (Uchôa, Parapsychology, and UFOs p. 85)

“Alexânia case,” as we call it, since everything that has occurred and still occurs, in terms of the strange phenomenology observed there, in the environment of this farm, only 26 km away, is already a case. Many people witnessed and verified these facts, heading there, sometimes touched by simple curiosity, sometimes with hidden hopes of discovering hoaxes, some neurosis, individual or collective self or hetero-hypnosis, sometimes, individually or in a group, with the intention of sound, safe observation for studies, verifications, and conclusions, as much as possible correct." (Uchôa, Parapsychology, and UFOs,  p. 87)

International Congress of Ufology (1979)

"In 1979, under his guidance, the National Center for Ufology Studies – CENEU, also founded by him, in Brasília, promoted the First International Congress of Ufology. On the occasion, General Alfredo Moacy Uchôa had the pleasure of accompanying Dr. J. Allen Hynek, a world-renowned American scientist, to speak at the Brazilian National Congress, where he received a standing ovation. In addition to Professor Hynek, who gave the opening lecture, below I list some other researchers and scientists who attended and presented their work at that Ufology Congress: Dr. James Hurtak (CA/USA); Leo Sprinkle (WY/USA); Alan Stairle (France); Fábio Zerpa (Argentina); Felipe Carrion (Brazil), among others..." (Uchôa, Parapsychology, and UFOs,  p. 19)

First Centennial Commemorative Congress (1982)

"In 1982, General Alfredo Moacyr Uchôa Uchôa was invited and participated in the “First Centennial Commemorative Congress” promoted by the “Society 20 Psychical Research of London”, in Cambridge / United Kingdom, where he presented work on “Parapsychological Phenomenology in Brazil.” ( Uchôa, Parapsychology, and UFOs, p. 19)

..."From there I returned, more certain than ever, that I should publish my book, almost ready at that time - Far Beyond Space and Time, in which I present a general theory to explain any paranormal phenomenon. Scientists, the men of science today, must avoid the general theory that I present because it considers the evidence of hyperspace, and of other superior spaces that I had already inferred and justified in my first book —Beyond Parapsychology  – 5th and 6th Dimensions of Reality. In this Congress, in Cambridge, England, I did not represent Brazil, still very closed in classical science, which is densely space-time, and other countries. Durham, North Carolina, also with the support of Duke University (USA), from where the initial impulse for the creation of Parapsychology came, whose officialization (of this terminology) was consecrated in 1953 in Utrecht, Netherlands." (Uchôa, A Search for Truth - autobiography, p. 268).

International Congress of Ufology (1983)

In 1983 General Alfredo de M. Uchôa was the honorary president of the II International Congress of Ufology, held in Brasília.

"Recalling this First International Congress, I remember that, in a National UFO Congress, preparatory to this First International, in São Paulo, in March of the same year, with the presence, also, of the renowned Prof. Allen Hynek, eminent astronomer, to whom I have already referred, who there delivered a brilliant lecture on the Universe, with beautiful “slides” of galaxies. There, in that preparatory congress, still under the impact of the stellar beauties shown there, I gave a lecture, in 59 minutes, on the propulsion energy of spacecraft in their interstellar travels. I was able to do this because in my book Diving in Hyperspace I said about the possibility of light years/second, taking into account the energy resulting from retro-propulsion of photons of light (not from our space—temporal, but hyperspatial), whose root is also found in the very intimacy of structures, both solar and the stars themselves!... I had this petulant audacity: to say these things in the presence of prof. Allen Hynek, who was gradually receiving, close to his ear, the translation of what I was saying. To a certain extent, we understood each other, as he had, in addition to astronomy, certain Rosicrucian knowledge." (Uchôa, Search for Truth - Autobiography, p. 286).

Click below to listen to the original audio of General Alfredo M. Uchoa's Pronunciation at the Closing of the Ufology Congress (1983).

Fita 00_audio_17-18_editada_ Pai Encerramento Cong Int UfoGeneral Alfredo Moacyr de M. Uchoa
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​UFOLOGY: II International Congress - Interview with General Alfredo M Uchôa

Click on the photo above to see the interview with General Uchôa about The Congress of Ufology. See other interviews with him on YouTube about Ufology and other topics here

"The Cure of Bernadete; performed by EXTRATERRESTS BEINGS, at the request of GENERAL ALFREDO M. UCHOA"

General Alfredo M. Uchôa's work in the area of paranormal healing with the participation of interplanetary reached its apex with the case of the young Bernadete Justiniano Gomes, in Brasília, which is recorded in his book Thre Transcendental – Cures and Other Phenomenon." This case was presented in detail at the MUFON Meeting – Mutual UFO Network – in Los Angeles and Orange/USA, in 2010, by his granddaughter Denise Uchôa Slater, and Paulo Uchôa, son of General Alfredo M. Uchôa. 

Click on the photo above to download the PDF (in English) of the lecture at MUFON

See below the testimony of Bernadete Justiniano Gomes about her extraordinary cure by interplanetary beings.

Click on the photo above to see the interview with Bernadete Justiniano Gomes, about her cure for Chagas disease, mediated by General Alfredo M. Uchôa and carried out by interplanetary beings, in an unprecedented episode in the world

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