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Click on the photo above to access the General Uchôa Collection on the CÍRCULO ESCOLA portal

About the Circle (

The Circle is an exoconscious, free, practical, uncomplicated and modern philosophical school, which teaches philosophy and spirituality in a way that is easy to understand and simple to apply in practical life. We offer courses, events, mentoring and online and face-to-face experiences. The Circle was founded in 2017 by Juliano Pozati as a movement of free spiritual thinkers to study without dogmas all aspects of knowledge that contribute to more conscious human beings, uniting science, philosophy, ufology, spirituality and Exoconsciousness._cc781905-5cde- 3194-bb3b-136bad5cf58d_




About General Uchôa and the Circle 

General Alfredo Moacyr de Mendonça Uchôa has been the spiritual mentor of the Circle since before the Circle even existed. It all started when Juliano Pozati was producing the documentaries Data Limite, according to Chico Xavier (2014) and No meio de Nós (2016), when the General made his first mediumistic contacts with Pozati. Currently, the General guides the mission of the Circle as a school of philosophy and spirituality.










About the General Uchôa Collection

The Uchôa family, in the person of General Paulo Roberto YM Uchôa, his wife Regina and their daughter Denise, handed over part of the personal documentation left by the General to the care of the Circle. The General Uchôa Collection is now digitally stored on the Círculo website and is already composed of more than 500 documents cataloged and made available for free research and dissemination. There are audio lectures, manuscripts, documents, photos, clipping, etc...

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