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Alfredo Moacyr de M. UchOgiving a lecture

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Transcendental Healings performed by General Alfredo M. Uchoa

-  Master Phillippe de Lyon:

At the end of 1950, Swami Sevananda and his wife, Mestra Sadhana, arrived in Resende/RJ, to stay, in a trailer and a jeep, after a long pilgrimage around the world. Very mystical, they sought out Colonel Alfredo Moacyr M Uchôa, who lived in Vila Militar at AMAN, with whom they became close friends. Uchôa helped them to set up the “AMO-PAX Monastery”, consisting of a Sarva Yoga “Ashram” and an Essene Monastery, sharing the same space. It was at this time that Alfredo Moacyr M Uchôa became aware, for the first time, of Master Philippe de Lyon, through Swami Sevananda and his book “Yo Que Caminé Por El Mundo”. Later, as he writes in his “A Search for Truth” (chapter IX), Uchôa says that Master Phlippe was decisive in saving, "healing" his father, who had been in a terminal coma for almost a week. From then on, in her transcendental healing works, Uchôa was in tune with Mestre Philippe...

"It was in August 1954 that one of the most extraordinary (if not the most extraordinary) phenomenon of my life occurred to me: a personal, objective, impressive and proven event of the contact, presence and action of Master Philippe de Lyon! It's just that, at that moment, he saved my father's life, who had been in a terminal coma for almost a week." (Uchoa, Autobiography, p. 172)

"This case happened. One day, in Brasília, I receive a letter from a distressed mother, residing in Teresópolis, saying that she has a 2 (two) year old daughter who is very sick, suffering from a lot of pain. She said she was desperate, because her little daughter would have to be operated on for her bladder; it would be reflux of urine to the kidneys. The surgeon determined to wait 3 (three) weeks to 1 (one) month, to eliminate excess contrast used by the radiologist. How to bear such suffering of the little girl?! When I was about to answer her, she called me in great distress. I made the lady promise me to do (even if she didn't believe) what I would indicate: three or four times a day, pray asking Master Philippe to heal her little daughter, she thinking intensely about the brilliant blue light of the Master's irradiation, which she should visualize, passing through her own hands placed on the sick region. Quick, she told me later, the little girl is relieved and, when she goes to the doctor for that operation, there was nothing left, she was cured!..." (Uchoa, Autobiography, p. 205)

Alfredo Moacyr de M. UchOhey medium Yolanda

"Yolanda would be a somewhat different medium, working only with phosphorescent light, but in such a profusion that the environment was happy, illuminated by a different light that came from the luminous discs nailed to the blouse of each of the assistants, marking their position. In addition, castanets and flowers, also phosphorescent, were in the middle of the room! The very well controlled medium, tied hand and foot, to the chair in which she sat, which was connected to fixed points on the wall or at the entrance door of the room. apartment, using padlocks, seals and supervised seals. The phenomena appeared, showing themselves, in the phosphorescent light, entities that asserted themselves in conversations, songs and dances. Remarkable and unforgettable, in these circumstances, was the entity that was said to be called Dolores, who happily danced and tapped during the sessions, using the castanets available!" (Uchoa, Autobiography, p. 158)

"Scientific Spiritism Faced with the Higher Dimensions of Reality"

In 1976, General Alfredo M. Uchoa presented his thesis on the First Congress of Spiritist Journalists and Writers in Brasilia. Read below in the original document written by him.

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